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Well I missed my deadline by a couple of days. I must admit that that's a rather embarrassing blow to my self-esteem. I failed entirely to meet my first goal and missed the full moon. I'm going to have to be a bit more diligent on my next story, but in the meantime, please enjoy Catharsis! This one had a great premise and was interesting to write. I would have liked to do a bit more detail in the background and setting, but I was running short on time as it is, and I'm not sure anyone is tuning in to enjoy that sort of thing. So, in the end, this is a bit more 'bare bones' than I had originally intended, with the TF being the only part that wasn't trimmed.

My next story, 'Three Nights at Wolfe Lodge', will be a Cursebearer original. That is, no one requested it; it is completely of my design. The last story that I did this with was 'Woman to Werewolf', featuring the shy character Jen. However, I have decided that I would like to involve you all in this story, so here's the deal. There will be three TFs in 'Three Nights at Wolfe Lodge'. The premise is this: A woman, who has been a werewolf since she hit puberty and is well aware of her condition. However, her boyfriend of two years, who she is deeply in love with, is not aware of her curse. She retreats to her family lodge every month to transform during the three nights of the full moon, in order to keep her secret locked away and people safe from harm, and at long last she has decided that her love needs to be let in on her secret. This time, on the eve of the full moon, she brings him along to her cabin, intent on 'coming out' to him and having the proof to back it up should he not believe.

Here is where you guys come in. Our heroine has three transformations to go through, and not one of them has a scenario yet. Despite the fact that this story is not a request, I will be taking your suggestions on a few things!

1. You can suggest the circumstances of any of her three transformations. This can be as simple as 'she transforms while wearing only a bra and underwear' to more complex suggestions. The more creative you get, the more likely I am to weave it into this story; I'm absolutely ravenous for original ideas and circumstances for a werewolf to transform under, as I feel my work is growing a bit stale. Sexy scenarios can make things more interesting, while outright hardcore porn scenarios can put me off. In the end, which suggestions I do and do not take are completely up to my discretion. I may not take any, or all three transformations might be fan suggestions. It depends. The circumstances of the story do provide a few constraints, however: She only transforms at nightfall with the light of the full moon. However, to make things more interesting, the three nights of the full moon tend to have a bit of an effect on her human psyche even before the transformation. She becomes more emotional and energetic, as well as more hot-headed and reckless. Her more primal desires- such as the desire to run and exercise, the desire to eat, and the desire to make love- are augmented, and this often combines poorly with her lack of caution. Of note: Wolfe Lodge is a two-story cabin with all of the modern amenities of electricity, plumbing, refrigeration, etc. Think of it as something closer to a resort cabin than a 'roughing it' cabin. It also contains several state of the art features designed specifically to keep a werewolf in- in the form of a miniature bunker in the basement with heavy iron locks- and keep a werewolf out- in the form of metallic, locking shutters and a heavy steel door. It has been passed down from generation to generation in the Wolfe family, all of who have been werewolves themselves.

2. You can design our heroine. I need everything from a name to a physical appearance to a personality. Again, I will be picking descriptions I like. I may utilize a suggestion, and I may make my own.

3. Last but not least, having just posted the story 'Catharsis', which was told from the point of view of an outsider, I would like to know what you, my fans, prefer to see in a TF. Do you like it better from the view of an outsider looking in, or from the point of view from the woman who is to transform? 'Three Nights at Wolfe Lodge' can be told easily from either perspective, and I haven't chosen which to go with yet.

Thank you very much for your consideration. Know that if you take the time to make a suggestion to one or all of these options, I greatly appreciate it. Three Nights at Wolf Lodge will be hitting on August 13th, if all goes as planned.

Rules for making a request from me:

1. Though you are now free to request other TFs, werewolves are still my favorites, and are the most likely to be accepted as requests. If you're going for something different, know that I prefer to write transformations into wild and predatory creatures much more than I like domesticated creatures, i.e. a transformation into a wolf is much more likely to be accepted than a transformation into a dog. Real world creatures are not the limit; pretty much whatever you can think of.

2. I write painful transformations. You can feel free to request a pleasurable transformation, of course. Always feel free to request exactly what you want. But know that the odds of me writing one are highly unlikely.

3. Sexuality is at my discretion. Hardcore sexuality in a transformation is a bit uncomfortable for me to write, where slightly less explicit sexuality actually makes things more interesting to work with.

4. Girls only. Apologies to fans of male transformation.

5. The more detail you give me, the more likely I'll accept your request and the easier a time I'll have with it. Be as descriptive as you want, especially in the appearance and personality of the victim and the scenario of the transformation itself. I can't stress this enough, from supporting characters to setting, small details can really help.

Requests I'm currently working on:

-Original story, "Three Nights at Wolfe Lodge".-

1. A woman is cursed after reading a spellbook; whenever she has sex, she's doomed to become a werewolf within the hour. Unaware, she spends the night with her boyfriend, with disastrous results.

2. Everyone makes mistakes, and though she's been a werewolf for years, one woman believes she might have finally slipped up and bitten her roommate. She asks her friend to come home early to hear the bad news, but her roommate doesn't show up until the moon has already risen, and things quickly go south.

3. A high-school teacher in a forbidden relationship with a student of hers goes through her first lycanthropic change in front of her young lover.

4. A woman transforms into a bipedal werewolf during an evening yoga class.

5. A museum tourguide pricks her finger on the tooth of a taxidermy wolf in one of the displays. Later in the night, when closing down the displays, she becomes exposed to a moonrock, and begins to transform.

6. A frazzled writer is sent on a mandatory vacation to a private mountain resort, where she finds herself cursed to become a werewolf by the locals, who wish to hunt her.
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g3orgi4ros3 Featured By Owner May 31, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
I was wondering if you could write a tf for me? I adore your work and I got a dieviant aet specifically to follow you! ^.^ anyway its basically this woman is at this rundown pier with the guy she likes on his birthday. Shed decided it was finally time to tell him what she was. But before she could she started to turn. She told him to go home as she ran into the woods but he stubbornly followed trying to see what was going on and he quickly finds out werewolves aren't just in the movies
midnightclubx Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2015  Student Writer
Thanks for the faves! : )
VickyStrife Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the fave !
Shinkuno Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014
Thank you much for the favorite Cursebearer, been patiently waiting for your newest story and that all is well since it has been some time since your last.
Cursebearer Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014
Oh wow, I had no idea I had such a fantastic artist as a fan. I really loved that piece- it captured the essence of an ideal werewolf transformation. Simply masterful, thank you for sharing.

As for me, you don't need to worry, I'm still kicking around. I've been rather busy lately thanks to moving, but I hope to write something in the nearish future. I know it's been a really long time.
Echuinox Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014  Student Writer
Thank you very much for the fav it's greatly appreciated Thanks for everything!
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When will we see more of your work - I know real life can get in the way sometimes... :-)
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